Keyport combines technology, convenience, and style to redefine the way in which we customize, carry, and interact with our most frequently used personal items typically crammed onto a keychain or stuffed uncomfortably into a pocket or purse. Reinventing the traditional multi-tool for the modern lifestyle, Keyport creates customizable universal access devices that consolidate keys, pocket tools, and smart tech. Keyport solutions bridge the gap between the conventional keychain crammed with an array of everyday carry items and a completely connected world.

All-in-One & One for All

Keyport is paired with 4 Products

Pivot Outdoor Bundle paired with Keyport

The Keyport Pivot Outdoor Bundle = Keyport Pivot + Pocketknife Module + Mini-Flashlight Module + MOCA 10-In-1 Multi-Tool combines the most universal keychain tools into a single indispensable device.

Slide 3.0 (4-Port) paired with Keyport

Part key holder, part Swiss Army knife, part lost & found…the Keyport Slide 3.0 is an all-metal, modular multi-tool for the modern lifestyle that consolidates keys, pocket tools, and smart tech into a single customizable device about the size of a box of Tic Tacs. Available in 4-Port and 6-Port versions, the device works with Keyport’s patented universal head key Blades and Inserts (sold separately).

Building upon the Slide’s unique one-handed access and ultra compact design, the next gen Slide 3.0 is constructed of aircraft grade aluminum and hardened spring steel to ensure its durability. It also features an easily removable end cap along with a minimalist 360 degree swivel ring to attach loose items and that locks in place when not in use.

To solve the biggest problem associated with daily carry items...losing them, the Slide 3.0 comes with a FREE 2 year subscription to KeyportID, an online lost and found service that features a Reward If Found and that uses the unique serial number engraved on each Keyport to connect owners and finders directly and anonymously with a click.