Brand Foundry’s vision is to educate, inspire, and connect brand builders.

Brand Foundry’s vision is to educate, inspire, and connect brand builders.

Brand Foundry is a community of creators who believe in the power of brand to connect with consumers and change behaviors. It is a crowd-sourced encyclopedia of the brand ecosystem of brands who do brand well, products that change behavior, brand terminology and points of reference, and musings about the future of brand theory.

Why we exist.

We exist for both the brand newbie and the brand expert. For the brand newbie, Brand Foundry is a place to learn and ask questions. For the brand expert, is a place to share your thoughts, insights, and experience - both inspiring others and finding inspiration yourself.

The goal is that taken together, the collection of brands, products, terminology, blog posts, forums, and users will create new connections, foster new thinking, and help build new brands.

Simply put,’s objectives are:

provide resources to understand how to build a brand

challenge brand norms

support an engaged community of brand builders

Why we need you.

Together we know more than we ever will individually. Brand Foundry wants to harness the power of the community to answer brand-related questions, debate brand trends, and highlight successfully crafted brands and products.

SO, JOIN US. Browse, read, share, and connect. We need YOU to become the home for brand builders.

Brand Foundry is a work in progress. We'd love to to hear your feedback - what you like, don't like, and how we can make Brand Foundry better.

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